Sunbrella Awning Review

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Sunbrella is one of the leading manufacturers of fabric for awnings, furniture, and umbrellas. The company has been producing the same style of fabric for over three decades now, and many awnings throughout the world utilize Sunbrella materials.

The Benefit of Sunbrella Fabric on Awnings

One of the main benefits of Sunbrella fabric is how long an awning constructed from the material can last. This material, even in the toughest of conditions, could easily last over a decade before it needs to be replaced.

Sunbrella fabric is mold and water-resistant. This means that owners do not have to worry about heavy rainfall. Sunbrella awnings are constructed from plastic, which will allow the rainwater to just bounce off. This happens even in areas that deal with heavy rainfall. Because of that, Sunbrella awnings are often seen as an option for businesses that do not want to worry about constantly beating water from the top of the awning.

Sunbrella awnings are resistant to UV rays too. With typical awnings, UV rays constantly hitting them will cause fading. In particularly sunny locations, this could result in the awning having a rather dull color within a year of being purchased. This isn’t going to be a huge issue with Sunbrella fabric. A good quality Sunbrella fabric could easily maintain its bright and colorful look for years after being purchased.

Finally, Sunbrella awnings are going to be fire-resistant. In many locations, it is a legal requirement to have fire-resistant awnings. Even in areas where there is no legal requirement, it is still important that an awning owner ensures that their awning is as safe as possible while being used. After all, it is wise to own an awning that isn’t a risk of going up in flames.

Styles Available For Sunbrella Awnings

One of the major benefits of owning a Sunbrella awning is that they are available in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns.

When people give suggestions on purchasing an awning, they will often tell the purchaser to ensure that the awning that they choose represents the aesthetics that they want. This can be particularly tricky with some awning materials as they are available in limited colors, or can only be built in certain ways.

If a color or style can be imagined, there is a good chance that there will be an option in the Sunbrella range that can be used. This often results in Sunbrella awnings being a great choice for restaurants and businesses where putting the best foot forward on aesthetics is important.

Ease Of Maintenance For Sunbrella Awnings

One of the main reasons why Sunbrella awnings are often a choice for business owners is because of how easy they are to maintain.

Because the color on a Sunbrella awning is not going to fade too quickly, business owners do not have to constantly worry about replacing their awning. With other materials, it is not uncommon for awnings to be replaced every 2-5 years. With a Sunbrella awning, it is unlikely that this will be under 10-years.

There will be no need to constantly check for mildew or water seeping into the awning.

Sunbrella awnings are also likely to be able to cope with more extreme weather conditions e.g. heavy rain and wind, without tearing.

Finally, Sunbrella awnings are incredibly easy to clean. In most cases, it is going to require nothing more than soap and some warm water. This is a job that staff can easily carry out themselves.


Sunbrella awnings are regarded as some of the best in the business. Whether they are owned by a business or a homeowner, there will be an option available.