How Much Do Patio Covers Cost in 2022?


Have you been thinking of getting a patio cover, but then hesitated over the cost? Adding something large to your yard can be expensive, so let’s find out how much patio covers tend to cost.

A patio cover can cost anything from $1745 to $2870 for a canvas patio cover, and may be between $7709 and $18,900 for a wooden one, which tends to be the most expensive kind. If you want a vinyl one, you may be paying around $2520 to $6300, and a 4K aluminum patio cover will be around $7124 to $13,629.

It’s a good idea to look around for the best prices when you’re choosing a patio cover, because there’s so much variation between the different options. Take a look at the different suppliers and what they offer.

How Much Do Patio Covers Cost In 2022?

Several different factors have an impact on how much a patio cover is likely to cost, including things like:

  • The materials used
  • The size of the cover
  • The labor involved in setting it up

We’ll look at each of these things to help you figure out what your patio cover is likely to cost, but be aware that the prices have fluctuated wildly since the pandemic started, so you may find that there are big differences in the price of a cover from one week to the next. It’s best to get an individual quote from a supplier.

What Material Should I Choose?

The material is probably the biggest determiner of price when you choose a patio cover, and it will also make a big difference in how the cover performs. There are many different options, including retractable canvas patio covers, wood patio covers, aluminum patio covers, vinyl patio covers, and 4K aluminum patio covers.

Retractable canvas patio covers tend to be the cheapest option, with an average price of around $2899. These may not stand up to the elements as well as other, more durable materials, such as wood and metal.

Wood patio covers cost significantly more, and a full roof patio cover could be around $14,700 on average. A lattice cover might be around $10,070, so it’s cheaper, but still expensive. By contrast, an aluminum lattice cover could cost about $2800, and an insulated roof could cost $7359, while a non-insulated one could cost $5055.

A vinyl patio cover tends to average around $4270 for a solid roof or $4585 for a lattice, so these are a bit cheaper than metal, but may not last as well. A 4K aluminum cover would be around $5840 for a lattice, taking the price up again. You need to choose your cover based on durability as well as cost; wood and metal will last longer than canvas and vinyl.

How Does Size Affect Price?

It’s no surprise that a bigger cover is going to cost more, so be aware of this when looking at the costs. This is partly why lattice covers are sometimes cheaper; less material is needed to create a lattice than to create a full roof.

You should therefore measure the area that you want the patio cover to be in, and use this in your calculations about price. The bigger the space is, the more you’re going to pay for a cover – especially if you choose an expensive material.

What About The Installation?

Labor is a big cost, and this is partly why some people look into DIY patio covers in an attempt to bring the price down. Most people, however, will need to pay a professional firm to install a patio cover, as it needs to be secure if it’s going to form a safe seating area.

The amount of labor needed to set up your patio cover will affect the cost. Bigger covers involve more labor and more supports, so they are always pricier than small covers. However, it is important to make sure you’re covering enough of your yard to make buying the cover worthwhile.

The shape of the cover will also have an impact; if you choose a rectangle, the installation tends to be simple and therefore less expensive. However, if you want a patio cover in an “L” shape, or another design, you are likely to find that it costs more because this isn’t the standard.

Adding things like footings, custom paints, or lighting will have an impact on the price too, so bear this in mind if you are trying to keep the costs down.


Patio covers can be expensive, so it’s important to determine what you really want and need when you purchase one. Talk to local firms about material costs and labor costs, and assess what sort of area you need to cover. Finally, decide whether you want a lattice or a full roof, and you should be able to get a quote for your patio cover.

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