How Much Do Awnings Cost to Install?

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There are several advantages when it comes to awning installation, such as shelter and protection from sun rays. With its many benefits, awnings are usually installed over a door, a window, or even a patio. Ultimately, the location of the awning depends on the individual and the area they wish to cover. Considered to be a great decision for most homeowners, installing an awning can overall provide a nice outdoor space to relax in.

Installing an awning is not a difficult task, especially when working with a reputable company. With the help of a renowned professional, you can get the work done more easily and quickly. Additionally, while they can also suggest the best options for your house, hiring a professional service to install the awning can increase the overall cost by $100 to $400.

The average cost of installing an awning will sum up to $2,459. Most homeowners spend around $1,261 to $3,691 after the awning installation. The canopy alone will range between $250 and $3,500. A closer, detailed look at the costs are highlighted below.

Cost of Awning by Type

There are different types of awnings listed on the market including canvas, non-rollup, manual retractable, and others. Each type comes with different features, causing price points to vary. This means that even the cost of installation will vary depending on the type of awning you choose. The awning itself will range between $250 to $3,500, and need to be chosen based on preferences and needs.

1.       Canvas Fabric

The cost of canvas awnings range between $300 and $700. As the material is durable and long-lasting, canvas awnings are usually deemed worthy. Additionally, these awnings can also add extra décor to your house. One of the main advantages of wanting canvas fabrics is that you can have a lot of customization options. For example, you can receive many options based on sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns. If you reside in an area with harsh weather conditions, canvas fabrics may not be a good option. This type of awning is best suitable for smaller patios and above windows.

2.       Manual Retractable

Manual retractable awnings will range between $500 to $1,500. These awnings can be folded based on preferences, and depending on weather conditions. Overall, these types of awnings are best suited for patios.

3.       Metal Awnings

Metal awnings are available within the price range of $250 and $800. Although this type of awning is stronger than other types, metal awnings do come with a drawback – less visibility. Metal awnings are generally made of aluminum. However, there are other types of metal awnings available too. You can make good use of metal awnings in a larger space, such as patios and doors.

4.       Non-rollup Awnings

The cost of installing non-rollup awnings will range between $250 to $500. This type of awning can be made with either metal or canvas; you can decide based on your need. The main advantage of installing non-rollup awnings is that they are very much affordable. However, the downside is that they are less flexible. You cannot adjust the awning once you install it, which may be a problem during bad weather.

5.       Mechanical Retractable

Mechanical retractable awnings are awnings that can retract automatically. This may cost you between $2,000 to $3,500. As the most expensive awnings you can get, you can find both metal and canvas awnings in this category. If you live in an area with uncertain weather conditions, you can make good use of this type of awning. Although more expensive than others, a mechanical retractable awning is worth the price.

6.       Portable

Portable awnings are perhaps the most convenient option, as they can range between $100 to $400. Advantages of this type of awning doesn’t require any installation, and can be erected anywhere you want. They are also suitable for temporary use on decks and patios.

Sunesta Prices

Sunesta awnings will cost between $700 to $3,000. However, you can receive more variety from the company. Additionally, they also offer a 5-year warranty on their products which can extend up to 10 years in high-end product cases.

Sunsetter Prices

Sunsetter products range between $800 to $2,500. The company will mainly offer retractable products made of canvas. A 5-year warranty on their products will also be offered. However, the company does not provide installation services.

Average Awning Installation Costs

Now that you understand the various costs associated with different types of awnings, let’s take a look at the installation costs.

Other than the cost of the product, installation costs usually range between $175 to $450, with each square foot ranging between $6 to $9. This includes hiring an electrician for the motor, as well as a professional. It takes about one hour to install an awning, but can extend up to 5 hours or more for a complex retractable awning.

Patio vs Window vs Deck

The cost for door and window awnings is much less, as they only range between $100 to $400 at maximum. This is mainly because these are not retractable products. The upside is that they provide permanent privacy and shade. However, awnings for decks, porches and patios will cost more. Awnings in these locations will range around $600 to $3,500. Awnings for patios, windows, and decks are attached to your house, but in some cases, they can be free standing as well.


As already mentioned above, each square foot of the awning will be installed between $6 to $9. However, the price may vary based on the condition of your house, the total area to be covered, and the material that you select.

Awning Accessories

Some homeowners also choose to install accessories, such as side curtains, with their awnings. This may incur an additional cost between $100 to $200. You can also save the extra cost if you install accessories at the same time as the awning installation. Other than curtains, you can also add other accessories, like mosquito nets which ranges between $100 and $250.

You can also choose to enclose the entire patio space at a cost between $8,500 to $23,000. This option may be more expensive, but it is also permanent.


In case you need a permit, you may have to spend more than $25 to $100. Commercial buildings need to attain a permit in order to install an awning. In some cases, even residential areas may have to attain a permit. However, this is not true in most cases. You can also consult with your contractor in order to find out if a permit is required or not. For more detailed information, you can even have a word with the municipal corporation of your area.

Pros and Cons of Installing an Awning

Installing an awning carries both pros and cons. Before you think of investing in such a project, you may want to take a look at both the pros and cons, detailed below.


  1. It may help you cut down on your energy bills, as window awnings can reduce the solar heat up to 77%.
  2. It also protects your furniture, curtains, and carpets from UV rays.
  3. You can also protect your exterior walls from damage caused by the sun, snow, and rain.
  4. It also provides you shelter from the weather elements (i.e. sun, rain, snow).
  5. It enhances the beauty of your house.


  1. It requires continuous maintenance cost. For example, you may have to spend on cleaning and repairing from time to time.
  2. Awnings do not last forever. This is especially true in the case of low-quality products.
  3. It prevents the penetration of natural light in your house.
  4. It blocks the view from your patio or windows.

DIY vs Hiring a Professional

When it comes to the installation or a repairing of an awning, you need to first determine whether you need a professional. In case of simple products, you may eliminate the need for hiring a professional service. With little knowledge, you can implement the project on your own. This will help you to save between $100 to $400. However, in the case of motorized installation, you may have to request professional help.

Now that you understand the essential details of awning installations and its costs, you will be able to decide better whether you are up for such a project.