Guide to Choose the Best Retractable Awning

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Retractable awnings can provide numerous benefits. Having a retractable awning installed outside your house means you can gain better shelter from the sun, enjoy extra living space, and also receive protection from the rain. However, you need to choose the best retractable awning so that you can make the most of it. The last thing you would want is an awning that stops working when you need it most. You can also check out Spettmann, in case you are looking for high-quality retractable awnings.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Retractable Awning

There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to owning a retractable awning. Below are the main factors that you should learn more about.

1.       Durability

There are different grades of retractable awnings available, as you can discover both expensive and low-priced products in the market. If you intend to purchase retractable awning that can last decades, then you should consider awnings made with European and US components and materials. Retractable awning made with materials from China only last a few years.

2.       Warranty

You should also check the warranties that are provided with the retractable awning. If you are spending high on a product, then you need to make sure that the product is something worthwhile. A reputed company will always provide you with a warranty period.

3.       Sizing

Choosing the right retractable awning size for your house can be a difficult task. There are two factors that decide the size of a retractable awning that need to be understood. This includes the space that needs to be shaded and the direction it will face. Based on these two factors, you can decide on the size of the retractable awning. In order to make things easier, you should measure the size of the area that you wish to cover. This will give you an idea about the accurate size you need.

4.       Colour

Retractable awnings are installed outside of your house, which is an accessory that will be easily noticed. Therefore, you need to choose a color that will complement the color of your walls in addition to the whole exterior of your house.

5.       Features

A good retractable awning manufacturer will provide you with a variety of features and add-ons. Before you choose your awning, you should also look at the options. When purchasing an awning, you should make sure it is of high-quality.

Who Provides the Best Retractable Awnings In Southern California?

We are the largest manufacturer of awnings and canopies in Southern California. We specialize in custom canopies and awnings for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Our main aim is to provide the best quality products to our customers. We offer our products at highly competitive prices along with after dedicated service. Additionally, we carry a wide range of products to offer – all designed to meet the needs and preferences of our customers. In order to prove the quality and superiority of our products, we have put up a comparison chart below.


Sunsetter Awning vs Superior Awning

Where are the companies based?

Superior: The company is based in Southern California, and is one of the largest manufacturers of customized canopies and awnings out there. The company offers a variety of other products as well.

Sunsetter: With the company mainly based in the US, the product can only be assembled in the US. The company operates from Massachusetts, and provides both their direct and dealer system to the buyers over the phone and online.

Who makes the components parts?

Superior: Our awnings are mainly manufactured in Germany. However, the products are customized in Los Angeles, California.

Sunsetter: Most of the components are sourced or manufactured in Asia, with China being their main hub. Because of these components, the company is able to offer lower priced products, with a long-term warranty on all their products.

Who installs the awning?

Superior: We promise to provide you with free installation of your awnings, so you can relax and leave the rest to us once you are done with your purchase. Our workers are also bonded and insured.

Sunsetter: When you make a purchase with Sunsetter, it is usually through a registered dealer of the company. The dealer then hires another company or even a local handyman in order to install the awning.

What are the available sizes?

Superior: You can choose different sizes of awnings with us. You can even order awnings based on your needs. For example, you can order awning widths up to 40 feet. We aim to provide only the best to our customers.

Sunsetter: Awnings between the range of 10 feet and 20 feet are mainly manufactured by the company. However, the made-to-order option is also available.

What are the color and fabric choices available?

Superior: We provide a wide variety of color choices for our buyers. You can choose any color or pattern based on your need. We have something in store for every home or business.

Sunsetter: For the metal frame, you can only have one option. However, there are 16 fabric pattern options available.

What is the maximum projection offered?

Superior: We always tend to prioritize the need of our customers. The maximum projection we offer is 14 feet. We also offer awnings as little as 6 feet as well.

Sunsetter: Sunsetter awnings are available in 9,10, and 11 foot projections.

Warranty Type

Superior: We offer 10 years of warranty on each of our products. This gives our buyers confidence in purchasing our products.

Sunsetter: The company offers a 5-year pro-rated warranty on its fabric, frame, and electronic components.

We have provided an honest and fair comparison. Being the largest awning manufacturer in California, we take pride in serving our buyers with the best.