11 Porch Awning Benefits for Your Home

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A porch awning extends from the roof of the house to provide shade and cover. If you want to get the most use out of your porch, an awning is the best solution because it is practical, cost-effective, and beautiful. 

Let’s discuss the advantages of adding a porch awning to your home.

1. Turn your backyard space into a second living area.

Adding an awning to your porch can make the space feel like an extension of your home. Turn an empty patio into a large dining space for family gatherings or a comfortable place to relax, knowing that the awning will offer cover and protection.

2. Protect your family from hot temperatures and UV sun rays.

The temperature underneath an awning’s shade is 10 to 15 degrees cooler. The awning will also block harmful UV sun rays. What was once an unbearably hot space is now cool and comfortable for your family and pets.

3. Protect your outdoor furniture from the harsh weather elements.

An awning will not only protect your family and pets, but it will protect outdoor furniture as well. Metal furniture will rust, rugs and fabrics will fade, and wooden benches will rot when exposed to the harsh sun, rain, and snow. An awning limits the damage from this exposure to the weather and extends the life of your outdoor furniture.

4. Limit damage from rain and snow.

Just like outdoor furniture, the home itself can suffer damage caused by harsh weather. A porch awning will protect doors and windows from rain damage. The awning also helps divert water runoff away from the foundation, which can prevent cracks and leaks.

5. Reduce energy costs of heating and cooling your home.

An awning limits the amount of solar heat that enters through windows and doors. The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association states that awnings can reduce home cooling costs by more than 50 percent. Annual savings can amount to as much as $200. This saves money, benefits the environment, and decreases the wear on an AC unit.

In the winter, a retractable awning uses the solar heat to your advantage by allowing the sun to come in through the window.

6. Enhance your ability to entertain no matter the weather.

The cover and protection an awning provides allow you to host your company with peace of mind. You will no longer need to worry about harsh sun or rain ruining your plans or cutting the party short.

7. Provide shade and cover without compromising your view.

An awning provides overhead cover while allowing you to enjoy looking out at the rest of the yard and the view beyond.

8. Provide protection without compromising design.

Porch awnings are available in a variety of forms. This means you can choose the type of structure that best fits the space.

9. Increase the resale value of your home by adding usable space.

The extra space an awning creates for living and entertaining is attractive to potential buyers, which can increase the value of your home.

10. Customizable options allow you to choose the material that best fits your needs.

Not only can you choose from a variety of structures, but you can customize the materials and design to match the current aesthetic of your home and yard. You can carefully consider the pros and cons of each material, such as maintenance and durability, to make the best choice for your needs.

11. Create a backyard oasis.

A porch awning will help you get the most use out of your outdoor living space. With the cover, protection, and design, you will want to spend more time enjoying your backyard.