Awning Cleaning Services

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Awnings are left outside for the vast majority of their lives. Because of this, if they are not regularly cleaned they can end up looking rather tatty. The lifespan of the awning will be severely reduced too. This is why it is ever so important that those who own awnings regularly utilize awning cleaning services.

The Importance Of An Awning Cleaning Service

For many, preserving the aesthetics of their awning is important.

When an awning is outside, it is going to be constantly exposed to the elements. With rain, wind, and in some locations snow hitting the awning, it won’t be long until the beautiful look is covered in dust and grime. Even the brightest of colors can end up looking rather drab. An awning cleaning service will be able to restore life into the awning.

Awning cleaning services will also be able to assist with increasing the longevity of the awning. The dirt and grime build-up will gradually wear away at the awning. By removing it, the lifespan is increased.

Finally, awning cleaning services may be able to help restore certain protective elements to the awning e.g. waterproofing. This can also help to increase the lifespan of the awning.

Differences Between How Awning Materials Are Cleaned

No awning material is the same. Each of them needs to be cleaned in its own unique way.

For example, those with fireproofing and waterproofing often need to have protective layers re-added. It is also important that they do not come into contact with certain cleaning chemicals that could wear down the protective layer.

Some awning materials can be cleaned while they are kept in place, while other materials will need to be removed for a much deeper clean.

How the awning is being used can also have an impact on the cleaning, although this is more down to aesthetics than anything else. It is recommended that homes with an awning have them cleaned at least once per year, and businesses have them cleaned every 1-2 months, depending on the condition that the awning seems to be in.

How Awning Cleaning Services Work

An awning cleaning service will be a service carried out by a professional cleaning crew. They will specialize purely in the cleaning of awnings.

Their first job will be to ascertain the type of awning material that they are dealing with. They may also need to ascertain how accessible the material is.

Based upon this information, they will be able to start preparing a cleaning solution (often nothing more than soaps and water) to help to clean the awning.

Before any cleaning solution can be applied to the awning, however, the bulk of the loose debris will need to be removed. This will often require the use of either a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle brush. It will be dependent on how much debris is up there and how fragile the awning material is.

Once the loose debris has been cleaned off, the cleaning solution can be applied to the awning. In some cases, the cleaning solution will be left to soak into the material (particularly Sunbrella awnings) and in other cases, it will need to be rinsed away immediately.

After this, an awning cleaning service may be able to apply any protective chemicals on the awning e.g. fireproofing, or perhaps repaint them if the paint has worn down.

Hire a Professional For Awning Cleaning

While awning cleaning can seem like a rather simple process, it can be tricky to do properly. This is why many people that have an awning will often utilize professional awning cleaning services.